Bar/Bat Mitzvah Themes From A-Z- Wisconsin Mitzvah DJ

Your planning a Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebration!   Congratulations!    Every week we meet with clients, one of the things we continually get asked is about Theme Ideas.    There are tons of themes choose from, and we highly recommend choosing a theme, it will make the celebration much smoother and cohesive.

Here is some great information about themes from the Mitzvah Market blog:

One of the first things we do when we discover we are expecting a baby is to start thinking about names for our unborn child. If you don’t know the sex of your child, you usually come up with a list of both boy and girl names.

We even spend time thinking about middle names and how they will sound when combined with our last names.

One thing we might have wanted to consider 13 years ago, when naming our children, is the Bar/Bat Mitzvah theme! Not all themes need to revolve around your child’s name or initials, but some children luck out and have the perfect name or initials to work with their theme.

For many families, choosing a Bar/Bat Mitzvah theme isn’t an easy task. Having a theme isn’t necessary for a Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebration, but it does tie all the party elements together.

We all want our children to be involved in the planning process, afterall, it will be a celebration of their hard work in becoming a Bar/Bat Mitzvah. But when you pose the question to your child, “What would you like your theme to be?” The most common response is usually the dreaded, “I don’t know.”

We hope by giving you some ideas, using almost every letter in the alphabet, we can help move the process along!


Eventful Productions

Andy Warhol turned into “Airy Warhol” for a Bat Mitzvah girl with the nickname “Airy” from Eventful Productions


ben-Sign in

Ben’s World Cup, photo JoJo Photos. To see more of this theme check out the Levy Bar Mitzvah Family Spotlight


Themes A - Z Party Favorites blog

Love Carly from Party Favorites blog


Themes A - Z

Dylan’s subway inspired theme By Dana


Levy placecards

Erica – Smiles Across Am’erica by Dazzling Parties. For more of this theme, check out the Levy Bat Mitzvah Family Spotlight


Themes A - Z Erica Shapiro

Rik Piks by Erica Shapiro created this logo for “Francie’s French Boutique”


Gabby’s Hoedown! To see more of this theme, check out this Mitzvah Inspire


Pastolove signage

Haley’s comet from Bayard Advertising. To see more ideas from this theme, check out the Pastolove Bat Mitzvah Family Spotlight

Linzi Events Themes A - Z
Heshie’s Football Stadium from Linzi Events


Themes A - Z NY Party Works

iIan photo favors from NY Party Works

Shapot decor

Isaac hoops it up from Diana Gould Ltd. To see more ideas from this theme, check out the Shapot Mitzvah Family Spotlight


Mitzvah Inspire: Pink House

Jennie From The Block from Pink House Events. To see more of this theme, check out our Mitzvah Inspire


Kyle entry

Kyle’s Field of Dreams, Simon Elliot Events. To check out more ideas from this party, check out the Margolis Bar Mitzvah Family Spotlight


Party Excellence Mitzvah themes a-z
Love, Live, Lexi from Party Excellence


Mikayla Rubenstein
Mikayla’s Fanta-Sea designed by Mitzvah Mom Suzi. To see more ideas from this party, check out the Mikayla Rubenstein Bat Mitzvah Spotlight


Mitzvah Inspire: Super Heros

From Extraordinary Productions, Noah’s Hall Of Justice. To see more ideas with this theme, check out this Mitzvah Inspire


saturday nat live1

From Abby Rose Photo Saturday “Nat” Live! To see more on this theme, check out this Mitzvah Inspire


Themes A - Z Chives Creative

Olivia’s Groovy Day courtesy of Chives Creative


Simon Elliot Themes A - Z

Party With Parker was the theme for this Bar Mitzvah boy who even gave his venue the new address of 311 Park
His customized Website was created by Simon Elliot Events


Project Runway
From Atlanta Occasions Online, Ruthie’s Project Runway By Tulip Decor. To see more, check out this Mitzvah Inspire

Themes A - Z Michael Jurick photography

Rachel’s RTV from Michael Jurick Photography. To see more on this theme, check out this Mitzvah Inspire



Shaun’s Safari from Premier Skirting. To see more on this theme, check out the Yudin Bar Mitzvah Spotlight

Sarah In The City Themes A - Z

Sarah In The City theme created by EJ The DJ


Themes A - Z
Taylor’s Tea Time from Marlyss & Stacey in Michigan


Jaylor Themes A - Z

Veronica’s Wicked from Jaylor Favors


Themes A - Z Eventful Productions

Will’s Wonka from Eventful Productions. To see more of this theme, check out our Mitzvah Inspire



Zachary’s ZSPN from enLuce Photography. To see more on this theme, check out this Mitzvah Inspire

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