Plan your next fun elementary school dance, or fundraiser with us!  Your Wisconsin DJ can make your event spectacular with music, fun and high energy games.   We have more than 20 years of experience in doing school type of events.  It’s structured fun for everyone from the students, to the faculty, teachers, and parents too!

Whether you are planning a luau, sock hop, country ho down, carnival or any other school event, we can provide the entertainment and fun.    

Check out our growing list of over 20+ elementary schools we have played at.

 “The Right Formula”

At the elementary student age, student’s don’t just dance, they need structure.   We follow a two song/activity every two songs.  

This allows everything to be structured, students are more likely to be engaged and entertained when there is something going on all the time, besides just a song!   It really works well.  Check out our sample games/interactions that we do at Elementary Schools all across the Fox Valley area.  

Are you curious about what we play for music at Elementary Schools around the area, it’s 100% family friendly and fun!   Check out our sample playlist.

It’s guaranteed F-U-N for everyone!

What are you waiting for?  Check your event date, & let’s get the party started!

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